Eleven Kyoto haiku

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Mother mountain gives up her yellow and red


to seek her daughter     



A wooden doll lies

           in a pretty white box                                              

        the spirit of the child




Residing and

Displayed on a mantelpiece

Far away

sick for home

  Kawaii kokeshi

In a pretty white box



White paper horses galloping           

         silently in the mind

I watch the crowds gathering

at the temple



Huddled at the shrine, drinking sake and laughing

            Three old woman in their New Year's kimono

Burn incense


clap their hands in Prayer




         borrowed early

     from Christmas trees



The crane glides past the white trees and snow

so Swiftly so

It makes me doubt

my memories

sitting by the Kamo River



Tiny white pebbles and

falling snow                               

reveal themselves with the sun



a circle of stones and a

        prayer to Mary here

        connects in time

        Lady Godiva's rosary and mine

        on this Mount Ogura 



Against the white sky

          speaking softly

            the blossom blushes



In a vast and yellow green expanse

Pouting red lips fixed on sticks

The wigmaker's heads

scares the crows

long rice stalks tickling their feet.



Ready for harvesting

The rice stalks rub the tips of their fingers,


the wind wafts through

Strange acoustics to be heard by 



Clotilde LopezClotilde Lopez is a practicing artist, playwright and poet writing in both English and Spanish. She is deeply interested in Jungian analytical psychology, symbolism and inner work. She worked in Kyoto, Japan for a period of three years and studied and practiced Nihon Buyoh (Japanese dance) and the koto (the Japanese harp).


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Clotilde - your tanka are beautiful. I lived many years in Western Japan (Shimane-ken - and in Yamaguchi-ken) - your writing here carries the spirit of that place. Thank-you. Jim K

Jim KABLE | 18 April 2019  

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