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Eureka Street person of the year

  • 21 December 2022
As the year 2022 draws to a close, the editorial team at Eureka Street has been reflecting on the individuals who have made a significant impact on the world and embody the values that we hold dear. From leading figures in politics and activism, to pioneers in the arts and sciences, the choices for our person of the year were numerous and varied. Here, we share our personal picks for the people we believe have had a significant influence in 2022 and why they embody the ideals of Eureka Street. From their dedication to social justice and equality, to their innovative thinking and tireless efforts to make a positive difference in the world, these individuals inspire us with their vision and determination. Michael McVeigh, Head of publishing and digital content at Jesuit Communications, publishers of Eureka Street. Sr Lucía Caram

There were many stories this year of people who saw communities in need and decided something more was required of them. In Australia, there were some who went to flooded communities to deliver carloads of supplies, and to give a helping hand in the clean-up. Some we heard about, others laboured anonymously. They showed that the worst times can often bring out the best in people.

Of all these stories, however, the one that inspired me the most was from Europe. In early March, as Ukrainians were fleeing the country in the aftermath of the Russian invasion, Dominican Sister Lucía Caram jumped in a minibus and travelled more than 3000km from Spain to Romania to bring six refugees back home with her. But that journey was just the start of her efforts. She then helped organise a relief flight from Poland to bring another 200 refugees to Spain, and then partnered with other organisations to organise two convoys of ten buses to bring another 400 refugees to safety. 

When I think about the most important people this year, I think about people like Sr Lucía Caram who are on the ground working to create peace, to bring healing, to help those who’ve been hurt and displaced amidst conflict and disaster. They’re the ones worth celebrating.

Andrew Hamilton, Consulting editor of Eureka Street. Cassius Turley

My person of the year is a young Noongar-Yamatji man of great potential never realised. Cassius Turley died at the age of 15 in Perth, pursued and killed by a passer-by. The number of people around Australia who gathered to mourn him showed that his death had national significance. It also