Heave heavy individualism

A common dilemma

Gathering dependencies harvested by glory
Leave imprints of flash floods with completely new stories
Soft-coloured justice and marble décor
And realistic conflict pushed down to the floor
Natural identity and natural delights
Heave heavy individualism against red-coloured spite

A common dilemma which always occurs
Thrusts angry dispositions and knowledge that spurs
Well-appointed prospects but ill-advised devices
And improper solutions prompting mixed sugar and spices
Perceptual fatigue and favourable outcomes
Leave heavy minded foolishness with garnished conundrums

– Daniel J. P.

Poetic Poems

‘Such is life’ depends on how such a life is viewed
And in simple things one’s distasteful pleasures removed
In grace upon grace, and in times of space
When smiling fiercely becomes saving face
Pleasant bullets, pleasantly released
Leaving young flowers wholeheartedly deceased
Rising sun and plush young things
Taste toxic water with polluted springs
Symbolic metaphors and a broke-down palace
Soft skin for an opening and a spear for a phallus
Wave upon wave of poetic poems
Leaves heavy boulders reduced to small stones
Scratched lines in a surface breeds sufficient new purpose
And gold-tipped wings become emancipated things
Plush young things with gold-tipped wings
Fly over green fields with green-coloured feelings
Eye lash rose and splash-flavoured prose
Leave many an observer with gathering foes
Leave with a thought and be of the sort
To have left with a thought but not to have fought

– Daniel J. P.

Shiny lights and flicker fools

To sail across a sea, by night time, who are we?
Shiny lights and flicker fools, which of these, are God’s tools?
Lonely planet, effective nightmare, madness or sadness, which do you share?
Captive mind, a not too eager heart, which of these, will you part with?
In the lonely darkness, of my head, is where my fears, are a growing dread
A tragic thing, it makes me wonder, beneath the thunder, just who, who are you?
Mirrors on walls, far away calls, and a chance to leave this space.

– Daniel J. P.



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