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Here comes the man



Selected poems


Here comes the man
(For those into Palm Sunday)

Here comes the man

the one living a vital underground stream

with five centuries of collective memory

that first came to the here and now

in the imaginal mind of Zechariah

the Jewish prophet of national restoration


Here comes the man

the one coming as king on the donkey-colt

declaring to the heart of the nation

a way of universal peace

a way of confronting the powers

of militarism and political compromise


Here comes the man

sharing four days of intense being with the people

sharing story and foretelling

sharing the meal of a new reign of peace

knowing the testing of the depths in the Gethsemane Garden

climaxing in tortured abandonment when the sun died.




Bladerunner 2049 and the Making of Soul
(A haiku series)

Where is the soul' he said

'You get by without one' she replied


Dilemmas confront

In this immense arena

Finding your Story


Always quest for depth

Story gives a history

It makes you human


Mythmaking struggles

Alone here yet not alone

Discover saga


In discovering

Such is the making of soul

Amassed awareness


Shallow happiness

Offers no soul-making way

Consciousness through pain


Replicant live deep

You have breath to make yourself

Despair no option




A black tower in Kensington

(A lament seeded with anger for the people of Grenfell Tower)

I am confronted

By this tower of evil

A Mordor in our midst

A Funeral Pyre of dark sacrifice

An evil aflame in its terror casing

Conflagration in the night

Shadows at the windows

Bodies merging into the ashes

Of the indiscriminating shades of hell


Such evil in the hands

Of mid-range bureaucrats

Who hear no evil who see no evil

As they forge their

Cost-sensitive municipal budgets


One budget line to rule them

One budget line to find their remains

One budget line to bring them all to nothing

One budget line to bury them

And quickly forget them.


Pavement Café in a Windstorm

Perhaps sitting in that Place

At that particular Time

Has about it

A degree of misgiving

Siting at those tables

On the pavement

There in Ferntree Gully Village

In that intensity of gusting wind

Perhaps wasn't the safest

Of decisions

Yet it was a Place and Time

To value the immensity of the Moment

Sitting over late coffee

There were unique moments

To observe and enter

Browningleaves modesttwigs

Finding a final exultation

In the scurries of unpredictable windflight

Leaves twisting torquing pirouetting

Along hardened geometricplanes

Eddying in the compellingjoy

Of these vortexmoments

Verging towards the boundaries

Of a Chaos

Hungry and ripe

With uncertainty



John CranmerJohn Cranmer lives in Boronia on the outer edge of Melbourne. He is as a Uniting Church Minister (somewhat retired) and, in collaboration with Denham Grierson, has recently produced a collection of poems, Walking on Bones.

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You may also like to be aware of my new collection “Dancing on Thin Water” available from Book Depository for around $17. Cheers!!

John Cranmer | 25 September 2018  

I salute you, Sir Publishing a man called Cranmer Can't be a misnomer

Michael Furtado | 26 September 2018  

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