Holiday greetings from Eureka Street

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A big thank you to all our readers for your support during 2010. Eureka Street will begin publishing its Best Articles of 2009 on 4 January. Our regular publishing schedule will recommence on 18 January. We hope you have a fulfilling and relaxing holiday season. See you next year!



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I know you're trying to reach a broad audience, but seriously, a publication of Jesuit Communications Australia, and you wish us "holiday greetings?".

Christmas is not a dirty word! And it really shouldn't be a word that needs to be avoided here.

So, a very merry, peaceful and joyous Christmas to all of you and a fantastic New Year. Thank you for the though-provoking reading in 2009, look forward to more in 2010.

Meg | 24 December 2009  

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