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I am part of it



Selected poems


Earth from space


Beyond sunlit planes of sea and sand

Like the shade on my front lawn

Nightshadow creeps over continents

Cities light up in glowing clusters

While the deserts hide their campfires

Something exquisitely cosy

About the world

Tucked in for the night



There are in my life

Moments of grace

Sudden certainty that all

Of life is good


Times when the journey

Is on a throne

Carried high and forward             

By those who love me


Like when I breathe

The cold moist air at the start of the rain

And the inward gasp

Draws with it the very earth





i rode my bike

near the river

we’d known as kids

the houses hefted on stilts

legacy of the 50s floods

the tracks along the banks

as lonely as our empty house


i thought of something you said

as we chipped up to the eighth green

at cabramatta last week

we were near the creek

and you said

you couldn’t understand

why they didn’t clean it up

so people could put boats in and use it


your words I knew

hid heartache

our common pain

i saw again for a moment

rowboats for hire

kids dropping from a rope tied high in the trees

oars slapping in rowlocks as fathers

rowed their sunday families upstream


Nanna’s place


a beaded doily for the flies

glass louvres and lino floors

tea leaves in an old square tin

the dark varnished clock 

its pendulum swinging silently

a springy ‘boing’

strikes the hour without argument


time passing as it should

albert as present now

as when he stood lathering his face at the mirror

or left his warm imprint in the kapok mattress


daisies struggle near the front gate

bobbing their heads in the breeze

ants march in procession across

the path below the empty letterbox

she still says no news is good news



With Chris and Tony at Bronte


as we stand at the rail

looking down on the old rock pool

I try to see myself a little boy in the water


but to look is to make distance

easier to be the little boy

see me

looking down fifty years later


we watch a crab mid-rock

out of sync with the waves

and a boy about to dive

rocking on the verge of letting go

as each hump of water bellies near his feet


he dives

i dive with him

the water enters my nose and throat

i am part of it



David FalconDavid’s work has been published in the Sydney Morning Herald, various anthologies and literary journals. He has performed his work at Varuna, NSW Writers’ Centre, Poets’ Union Venues, Radio Station 2NBC; and the Live Poets’ Society. His work has also been featured in Red Room projects and can be found online.  He is currently preparing a collection for publication.

Main image: An aerial shot of Earth (NASA)

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Existing comments

Yes, and you make the reader vividly "part of it", too, David. Thank you.

John RD | 21 February 2020  

These pieces took me places, thank you.

Barry Gittins | 25 February 2020  

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