In search of sanctuary

In Search of Sanctuary

Distances describe their determination.
Beyond boundaries they seek safety;
Their pathways are darkened with doom.
At the foot of frozen glaciers they breathe fire,
Some are swallowed by sea currents.
Others starve as their longing for life fades.
Stained in defeat, they dream of sunshine.
Their lives are anchored at the verge of loss,
Like a flipped coin assurance is unlikely.
Refugees endure a prolonged journey of conflict

– Handsen Chikowore

Fishy-quishy words

I woke up very hungry.
So I went to the bakery
and said in good English
that I wanted a quish.
The baker only had a kish.
I did not know nor want a kish
So the matter finished.
She had no quish
and I wanted no kish.
There was no saying quiche.
It is the rule. Quiche!

– Peter Run

Peak Hour (Corner of Pultney and Rundle Streets)

Sky is pink,
as a cat’s tongue,
rough on edges
but warm with interest.

Cars hurry,
snorting impatiently
at traffic lights.

People at bus stops,
queued like emails
waiting to be opened.
A bus arrives,
refugees swarm aboard,
turn on ipods,
and chat on mobile phones
As the bus plays snake
on a city street grid,
before burrowing into suburbia.
and allowing commuters
to search
for salvation.
– Juliet Paine



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