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Jescom announces new Editor of Eureka Street



Jesuit Communications Australia (Jescom) is pleased to announce the appointment of David Halliday as the Editor of Eureka Street.

David, an award-winning journalist and editor who most recently worked as the Editor in Chief for the Catholic Archdiocese of Melbourne following roles at Melbourne Catholic, The Record and GQ Magazine, joins Melbourne-based Jesuit Communications Australia this month.

‘We are delighted to welcome David to the Jesuit Communications Australia team’, said Jesuit Communications Australia CEO, Monika Lancucki.

‘David brings extensive experience, across a range of media. His passion for social justice, and courage facing into the challenges of navigating the tricky terrain of the interface between faith and public life with empathy and care, will be instrumental in leading the Eureka Street team to transform the masthead for the future, whilst honouring the legacy of its past’, Ms Lancucki said.

‘We would like to thank Neve Mahoney for her custodianship of Eureka Street over what has, in many ways, been an extraordinary year, and are pleased to share that she will stay on with the publication as Assistant Editor.

‘We also thank our readers and our many contributors for their generosity and patience as we looked for the person to lead Eureka Street into the future.

‘We were fortunate to have strong interest in this role and are grateful for the time and space to discern this appointment.

‘Last year we consulted readers about their vision for Eureka Street. We thank the many readers who responded to the survey. It was reassuring to hear how much you value our work. At the same time, the survey did identify some key ways in which we could adjust what we do to attract new readers and ensure Eureka Street continues to adapt and adjust to the changing needs of the community it serves.

‘David brings a tremendous energy and great creativity. Under his leadership we will respond to the challenges ahead as well as the opportunities identified in last year’s survey, continue to provide a platform for the marginalised whose stories and perspectives are all too often not covered by the major broadsheets and larger media outlets, and continue to deliver a regular offering of challenging and thought-provoking Eureka Street content.’

Eureka Street will continue to come out twice a week in coming months.

Editorial enquiries can be directed to David Halliday at editor@eurekastreet.com.au



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Existing comments

Congratulations David and all the best.

James O'Brien | 16 February 2021  

Please supply a bit of supplementary information about David, the new editor, something about him as a person that supplements what readers were told of him professionally, e.g. is he Australian-born or born overseas? Is he a family man? What are his interests other than journalism?

Brian Gleeson | 16 February 2021  

Hello David Halliday! I hope you will still post my comments, even if they may have very many grammatical and spelling mistakes.

AO | 16 February 2021  

Welcome David - E Street is more precious than rubies. Bring renewal, relevance and integrity to the task. Thanks to Neve for insightful stewardship through bumpy times.

Wayne Sanderson | 16 February 2021  

Welcome David

PatS | 16 February 2021  

So pleased to welcome you to our community, David.

Pam | 17 February 2021  

Thank you! I'm excited to join the team here. And to your questions Brian, I was born in Carlton, now based in Maribyrnong. My wife and I have two young children. In the snatches of time that aren’t absorbed by children, which is almost none, broadly, I enjoy reading, especially short fiction and Russian literature; I like watching classic Japanese film, but I also tend to watch Seinfeld in its entirety every few years. And while I love Latin American food, I can't resist an honest chicken parma. Thank you for your support and I'm looking forward to being part of the conversation.

David Halliday | 17 February 2021  

Welcome, David. I hope ES's future directions will include among its "marginalised" voices those of Catholics who support Church teachings on the 'hot' topics the magazine has addressed in recent years - particularly, marriage, abortion and euthanasia, which all have direct relevance to the dignity of life foundational to Catholic moral and social teaching.

John RD | 18 February 2021