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Jesuit Lenten Seminars 2008

JESUIT LENTEN SEMINARS 2008 took place in Melbourne on 5 March, and Sydney on 6 March. The topic — Climate Change: Who Pays the Price? — focused on the impact of climate change on the poor. More information

Audio downloads available here:

Don Henry (Melbourne keynote speaker) — Executive Director of the Australian Conservation Foundation. Don Henry has extensive experience campaigning to preserve our native habitat, both in Australia and overseas. He has served as a Commissioner with the Australian Heritage Commission, President of the Australian Committee for the International Union for the Conservation of Nature and the Moreton Island Protection Committee. Download Don Henry's lecture audio (MP3 9MB)

Fr Michael Kelly SJ — Executive Director of Church Resources. Michael Kelly entered the Jesuits in 1971. After studies in philosophy, theology and social sciences, he worked as a journalist in Australia and Asia for various publications. He was ordained in 1984 and co-founded Albert Street Productions, a TV production company, in 1986. He founded Jesuit Publications In 1989 and Catholic Telecommunications in 1997. Download Michael Kelly's lecture audio (MP3 7MB)

Sr Maryanne Loughry — Associate Director, Jesuit Refugee Service Australia. An expert in refugee issues, with many years experience working in a number of different countries, Maryanne Loughry has done extensive research on climate-induced displacement. She visited Kiribati in October 2007 as part of a study tour organised by the Edmund Rice Centre in Australia to witness the effects of climate change on low-lying Pacific countries. In December she presented a paper on climate-induced displacement to the at the Refugee Studies Centre at the University of Oxford. Download Sr Maryanne Loughry's lecture audio (MP3 8MB)  Download Sr Maryane Loughry's lecture text (WORD 48k)

Michael Raper (Sydney keynote speaker) — Director, Welfare Rights Centre, Sydney.
Michael Raper is former President of the Australian Council of Social Services. He was Convenor of the 'Equity in our National Response to Climate Change' roundtable in Melbourne in March 2007, and author of the joint (NWRN, BSL, & CSSA) Equity Submission to the Prime Minister's Task Force on Emissions Trading in May 2007, which focused on ensuring climate change and measures to counter global warming don't worsen social inequality by penalising those from poorer economic backgrounds. Download Michael Raper's lecture audio (MP3 13MB)