Jesus and his kids


Jesus calms the storm

I went with Jesus to the other side of the lake.
I didn't sleep all night.
The stars were rocks,
unshaven waves tossed and turned.
There was no going back.
Morning was a distant shore.
The middle of the lake was dark as midnight,
with a mood of moon in the sky
Only Jesus
Until I called him
How his eyes sang.

Peta Edmonds

Santa Caterina

Here's why I believe that indeed yes, a young woman in Italy once
Conversed at length with the One Whom No Name Can Encompass
In the year 1375 or so, by our calendar, although God knows which
Calendar the One goes by. He called her dearest daughter, you see?
That doesn't happen unless he really is a father. That's the real deal.
There's a fury of love for your kid, a tumult of feeling for which our
Words are flimsy. Like our words for the One. Sometimes I pretend
Not to hear you, he said to her, but I do hear you. Boy, I know these
Words. Never lower your voice in crying out to me, he says — never
Stop knocking at the door. I know this guy. He's a dad. His children
Drive him nuts and he would die for them without hesitation. This is
What I try to say to people when they say what's with the whole guy
On the cross thing, man, that's macabre, that's sick, you people look
At a guy dying of torture every day, you hang Him in your churches
And houses and offices, you carry a dying guy in your pocket, that's
Just weird, and I try to say he's a dad. He volunteered. You'd do the
Same for your kids. Sure He grumbled about it, in the garden. I have
Stomped down to the laundry room to snarl and throw shoes around.
But I go back upstairs because I love them more than I could explain.
They drive you nuts but yes you would die for them. I know this guy.

Brian Doyle


Coming off the parchment,
Off the stone tablet,
Off the stained glass,
You stand at the crossroad,
Waiting to sup with us,
Forever bisecting
Our humanness
With Shekinah Glory.

Teresa Burleson 

Peta Edmonds is a student of poetry and professional writing. She has been writing poetry since the age of 11 and the birth of her brother.

Brian Doyle is the editor of Portland Magazine at the University of Portland.

Tersa Burleson is a freelance writer and substitute teacher from Central Texas. Her book The Pilgrim's Lyre was published in 2003. 

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NFP: And who is Teresa Burleson? Doesn't she deserve a descriptor?
ErikH | 28 February 2012

Santa Caterina - loved it!
Pam | 28 February 2012

Brian Doyle's poem is a beauty. Thank you for reminding me of the intimacy we can have with our father.
Moira Rayner | 06 March 2012


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