Keep this message with you forever


Selected poems



50/50 rule will flaw you

Often a times I get ahead of my years

Just in case tomorrow never comes

I have flawed principles, missed priceless lessons

But if tomorrow never comes on my end, please live it for me


50/50 rule is not good enough to guarantee anyone a happy thereafter

Happiness is a different kind of cake

It demands much more than the bear minimum

To have it complete with icing, you have to work your ass off


I don't know how solid your assets are

But whether prince or princess, you still need a degree of charms

To keep them valuable without being frozen


A happy thereafter is much more than a life

Smiling together calls for much more than energy

Living together happily needs 100/100 rule to reign!




The will

If you can, keep this message with you forever

Because it represents part of my will

I know we are a cultured society that forbids

Ever talking about 'if tomorrow never comes'

But tomorrow is never a promise to anyone


I am not a billion-dollar man

Please don't expect to see numbers making statements here

Here I came a clean slate but you filled and fired me up

With memories I can only frame for you before I go


In unfortunate times I have banked memories of you

In exchange for courage and the will to keep pushing

I have checked with the best minds for your true worth

But right from the true north to the south

Non rightly balanced the equation of these golden memories vis à vis gold


I don't know how many times you will read this

But each time you do, always remember

I didn't go down with a godown of gold but a dozen of your memories!




The hard tackle with a soft hit

Sooner than later I will go out to take on the world

But even with my favourite jersey number

I can't get the confidence I need to tackle it

This has nothing to do with the sport I love

It has everything to do with the soft spot I'll fall back to for life


I have been warming up on the touchline for decades now

Yet the confidence to say I do has been elusive

My coaches have urged me not to put my many talents to waste

But I am used to losing as part of the game

How do I ever play when I can't afford to lose?!


I have been stroking the gym for a while now

In search for the oil to keep the fire burning

But deep within I am scared that one day

When I am all reduced to ashes and my talents barely recognisable

I might fail to hold her up in her favourite position

And celebrate her score with the enthusiasm a goal deserves!



William Okello Kadima William Kadima is a recent graduate from Stratmore University. He is a poetry enthusiast out to live, inspire and connect with the world through this amazing art of poetry.

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