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Dear Eureka Street subscriber,

For almost 30 years Eureka Street has been the place for reflection and analysis on the important issues of the day in Australia and beyond; in politics, religion and culture. A place for considered discussion in the nuanced grey space between ideological polarities, in an ever-increasingly polarised world.

In keeping with its Jesuit identity, our editorial approach is firmly grounded in being welcoming, discerning and courageous.

Although some of our contributors volunteer their writing without charge, we make it a point to offer to pay contributors because we value their work and feel it is the right thing to do. We would like to keep doing that.

At the same time, we also want to be an inclusive and accessible publication — so we have to this time — deliberately avoided moving to a paid model and are reliant on donations and advertising to pay our writers, illustrators, editors.

You may have heard news in recent weeks of other media outlets shutting their doors due to financial considerations. A softening of the advertising market and the understandable fall in donations as a result of the coronavirus pandemic have impacted us as well.

Rather than compromise our values or quality of our material, we have decided to reduce the frequency with which Eureka Street will be published while we review our business model and seek a more sustainable way to operate into the future.

From Monday 25 May Eureka Street will move to two unique newsletters plus one weekly each week (down from 5 daily newsletters plus the weekly) as we explore a more sustainable way of bringing you regular, thought-provoking stories and ideas best suited to the post-COVID19 world.

If you value our work and are able to make a donation, we would be most grateful for any contribution you can make to help us continue to produce Eureka Street and keep serving the wonderful and generous community that has grown around it over the years.

Donations can be made at the following link: https://www.trybooking.com/au/donate/eurekastreet

Thank you for your generosity, be it by way of time, prayers, skills or donations. We couldn’t keep doing what we do without your ongoing commitment and support — for which we are truly grateful.

Kind regards

Monika Lancucki, Director Jesuit Media

Michael McVeigh, Managing Editor

Neve Mahoney, Acting Editor


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Existing comments

Thanks, Eureka Street, for your letter. You are an important part of my life and the life, I'm very sure, of all your readers and correspondents. Your commitment, in a difficult time, to keeping us together is heart-warming and I look forward to the new format and will continue to read, and comment, in the future. I'll be sending a donation by mail in the next few days, thank you so much.

Pam | 22 May 2020  

Eureka Street , you are a guiding light , a welcome part of our day, a comfort , challenge and support . Pam has said it beautifully for many of your readers. Will definitely follow her example with prompt action. Very best wishes , my deep gratitude and prayers for all contributors, editors, and commentators. Will look forward to this next phase with hope and great anticipation.

Celia | 22 May 2020  

Grateful thanks to all who steer the ship at Eureka St. Across the years I have so often appreciated the grounded, incisive character of your work; integrity which can't be found often enough elsewhere; deep maturity of perspective, unafraid of debate. Have just sent a donation. Understandable that the business model needs a re-think on this bumpy ride. I for one (and many friends) shall happily commit to a reasonable monthly subscription to bring a more realistic and reliable revenue position to ES. Am aware of another op/ed. highly valued on line bulletin which has done this recently - with very productive results. Viva ES!

Dr Wayne Sanderson | 23 May 2020  

The sweetest letter with some gracious responses. You light up my day and, even if but twice a week from now on, may the joys of delayed gratification make your selection even more profound and thought-provoking. For my part, yours is the only publication that encourages those from various places on the often complex 'policy-theology' spectrum to respond and share thoughts, even if sometimes bizarrely contestational and with swords drawn. In such instances you somehow manage to strike the right note, uniquely succeeding at balancing authenticity and the right to free speech with the need to 'show da respec'. Long live Eureka Street, even and especially into the straightened times that lie ahead!

Michael Furtado | 25 May 2020  

I will miss Eureka St on the days it does not come but understand your needs. I agree with what Pam said. I also notice that she intended sending a donation by mail. Could you please give a mailing address and also a name to put on a cheque? PatS

Pat Sheahan | 25 May 2020  

Thank you, Eureka Street. I am a daily reader and fondly remember the hard copy editions of the past. I have often wondered in admiration at your output of 5 daily newsletters and a weekly while maintaining outstanding quality. I look forward to your continuing newsletters and weekly in these straightened times. I am forwarding a donation in appreciation of your work and commitment,

Denis Quinn | 26 May 2020  

I'd like to echo the comments already made. Eureka St is stimulating, challenging , topical and never dull. I appreciate being a part of the Eureka St community very much Jorie

Jorie Ryan | 26 May 2020  

Thank you for your gentle explanation of the difficuilties of maintaining ES in current times. I will donate soon - I need the stimulation you provide and if it is only twice a week, so be it.

Kathleen Holtzapffel | 26 May 2020  

Hi Pat, thank you for your support! You can send a cheque to Jesuit Communications, PO Box 553, Richmond VIC 3121.

Editor | 01 June 2020