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Love is not rocket science


Girl cutting wrist














Williamstown lovers

Water was ripping under the cracks of the pier
We kissed like champagne against a ship
Seagulls played a game of chess
Our icebreakers melted in the sun, that was tied to a ribbon
I grinned like a shark when you took my photograph,
AND when you put your arm around me like a compass around a map,
I swallowed my heart
We had a coffee and you paid by visa,
And in the corner sat a dreamer with his postcard eyes,
Scribbling in a notebook — a squirrel collecting nuts.


God waited

God waited for your beautiful smile
God's waited for you since you were a child
When you closed your eyes God waited and the angels held their breath
When your pain was like rain on a tin roof,
God waited to take it away from you
Now God no longer waits because he's with you
You can hear a pin drop in heaven
God's waited for you all your life
Time doesn't wait,
But God always does


My bedroom

A room with a view of junkyard backyards
and golden town halls,
and pink and blue mornings
and fireworks.
with hand made teddy bears
and soft prayers
and daddy long legs.
My soul's got a hole in it like a lifesaver



I watch you through the bars of a zoo
No touching
There's flowers on the floor of the room where we meditate
I say an Apache prayer.
I still love you while I'm standing on the corner in the asthma wind.
I love you like a yellow fever,
but I'm a woman in the hands of King Kong.



In a crowded café
the conversation sinks like the Titanic.
Cigarette smoke rises like a snake from a basket
An empty plate is like a palette of paint.


About Annie Lennox

I didn't know whether to wrap my arms around her,
or wrap my hands around her throat
Annie the goat
Annie is ancestry
She is a feeling I can't live with.
I'm not some fool of God's divine plan.
I've been around.
I've been through the lightning struck tower and I've seen death,
and I blow out smoke that looks like peacock feathers.



Waiting for the rain to stop
The low grey clouds are like petticoats,
The puddles are pieces of a broken mirror,
the raindrops roll upon the muddy ground
like chocolate maltesers.
I'm waiting for the sun to break through
like a blond headed child in a blue rain coat.


The sting

You're hopeless, emotionally.
You're like a box jellyfish that floats into my world,
and stings me with silence.
It's only love, it's not rocket science.
That's why girls cut their wrists,
because they wear their hearts there,
and it's nearly Christmas.
Couldn't you give a little of that love away?
A little piece at a time like red chipped nail polish.



The belly of my guitar is hollow
and makes hunger sounds.
My guitar has love handles.



On the savannah
the lion eats
a candlelit dinner



A butterfly with tiger stripes sits in the sunlight
A bird bursts into flight.

Peta Edmonds headshotPeta Edmonds is studying a diploma in professional writing and editing. She came first in her novel writing class with a novel she is working on called Tramspotting.

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Existing comments

Thank you Peta. I'm currently studying Gerard Manley Hopkins with a group. You capture images in the same way that he does. Keep writing. :)

Paddy Byers | 08 April 2014  

I love the freshness, the clarity and the incisiveness of these poems. Thank you!

Jena Woodhouse | 09 April 2014  

Fine and lovely poems as we have come to expect from you

grant fraser | 09 April 2014  

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