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Love's twists and turns

  • 28 July 2015

Twenty Short Poems

QUALITY How I love spending good Quality time with you We enjoy our equality

SANE Wishing we could both Be the same As when we were both sane

DRESSING UP Loving getting all dressed up My long dresses Reaching down to my bottom

SLEEPING Sleeping in Creeping into your life As I lay beside you Yet feel beside myself

PIZZA Pizza With lots of cheese I just want to seize it I can breathe in all the anchovies

YOUTH The fountain of youth Wanting to move mountains Yet unable to move even an inch Age is as solid as a brick

NEW YORK I want to eat well with a good Fork in New York I want to take on New York I want New York on a fork

DISAPPOINTMENT Disappointment Not to have kept this appointment I feel so out of joint I sometimes think what’s the point

POPCORN Popcorn Doesn’t blow my horn It leaves me feeling forlorn

GRUB I never realized what a grub you were You didn’t even give me a back rub Let alone have fun in the tub Thank God you are not my hub And we don’t have a bub

HANDBAG At the bottom of the handbag Was a bottomless pit of Money, makeup and make-believe I couldn’t believe My eyes At what she kept digging up in her handbag

TROUBLE Trouble with a capital T The police coming with A capital P There is no treaty or sign of peace

CURLS As you twist yourself around me Giving me no space I just want to hurl you into space And send you to another place

LOVE TRIANGLE Love triangle Giving our love an Angle As I dangle you At the end of my Wants and needs

INNER DEMONS You fill me full of demons With your frilly silly sermons

LEAVING You’re leaving That’s a fact You said it straight out With hardly any tact We are no longer a pact

BUDGETING I find it really hard I just can’t do it Especially trying To keep all my gadgets Running They keep ruining my budget

PAIN Looking at you With your back turned I can still see your pain Your body slain

DARE On a solitary dare feeling bare Attracting men’s stares However thinking who cares I’m so alone being without you It feels so rare I can still feel your glare

LIVING Welcome back to the land of the living Thankyou for giving me your love From so faraway