Mistakes make catchy riffs


shake the tree of doubt. bait
the hour with now. ache
is body song. notate
the talk of clouds. take
longer strides. equate?
yes, try to. mistakes
make catchy riffs. fate
won't hear you shout. spake
once then listened thrice.
create on steady decks.
slake sound like it feels.
weight of wonder? quake
is best left for gods.
exclamate! exclamate!

the bigger book

in the bigger book I bend the truth 'til
it forms a circle. in the bigger book I write with
singular purpose, like a snail crossing lawn
at night, I write in think, like balloons
released in sunlight, I write like skywriting. in the
bigger book I write and swim and wrim and swite and rhyme.

the bigger book, picture or word? call them
hieroglyphics, a blurring of etch,
brush and sense. by the final pages in the
bigger book I'm crooning through cadences
and denouement in the mode of be.
the bigger book, a hard-back, sits presigned
and ripe, always in new releases.
in the font of cumulus this bigger book

on a Sat.

we played out dreams. we
stole flames. we boiled snails.
we strafed ants' nests. we
singed our hair. we got
called in. we got told
off. we scrubbed our nails.
we had roast. we ate
our veg. we sang and
jigged and spun. we got
tucked in. we got told
tales. we felt hot breath.
we heard our prayers. we
shared the dark. we shed
fear. we dreamt of play

Kevin GillamKevin Gillam is a West Australian writer with work published in numerous Australian and overseas journals. His two published books of poetry are Other Gravities (2003) and Permitted To Fall (2007), both by SunLine Press.


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