Moonlight conventions



Selected poems


Four reflections in plate glass off King Street:


with the ease of discreet limousines

touring Japanese bow

to extravagance

black widow spider

conveys coffee in gothic fashion

on hob nailed



beautiful animals

from the modelling agency

young, sleek and elegant

big hair like grass trees



long stalked



then: scraping in the lee of candelabra'd apartments

mr nameless and his bent bayonet

a greatcoat from military disposals

   hung over

a sharpened stick



Moonlight conventions


I put in my journal — a full moon tonight, crisp

and splendidly clear for our walk around the shore

and back to the resort ...


What did the Israeli professor remark?

It bodes well on Hoshana Rabbah that

we are casting shadows in moonlight.


Though our Chinese friend had little to say

following this evening's lecture, he was right about

the yellow plum at the bottom of the lake.




Easter scene, Wembley


Four seconds of world

in early evening streets

of almost winter cold

when lamplights handed

down their glowing cups

to cars streaming by


and as I gripped the wheel

I saw a man kneeling

before a whippet, two heads

haloed in doorstep light.


It was by footpath signs

for PIZZA and COKE

some grace above or between

kneeling man/ sitting dog

sanctified the moment.



Aftertaste of sun


your eyes wide water-side wanderers

see in each day's walk


a blessing of unspoken proverbs

as waterfowl cross the flinty trail


you back towards reeds

a wafer of fear along shoreline


then panic breaks open the lake

an aquatic explosion


derangement of ducks, moorhen, coots

blinds you with feathers of sun


Ross Jackson headshotRoss Jackson is a retired schoolteacher from Perth. He has had poetry and short stories published locally and interstate.

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You help us to see the holy in the everyday. Thank you.
Anna Summerfield | 09 September 2016

Shiny, elegant simplicity. Lovely work, Ross.
Geoff Young | 09 September 2016


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