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Morag Fraser's response to Allan Gordon's letter

Dear Allan,

Pardon my presumption in addressing you directly when you had written to James at Eureka Street Online (a great thing-DO subscribe), but I couldn't resist. The combination of Hans Küng, Dutch Church, Sydney fundamentalism and 'Jonesy' was too tempting.

Please, if you ever make it south to the calmer waters (what's left of them) of Melbourne do let me know. I'd love to buy you a beer in some leftie Melbourne pub (the John Curtin maybe?) or we could try for coffee in Clifton Hill where my friend Jon Faine sometimes holds court after he has finished

his ABC Workers' Collective morning talkback program. And you could tell me what's to love about Jonesy! Glad to hear that Drummoyne is glorious.

 I have been going to the same (yes, leftie, university) church since I was married in 1966 and it is sustaining, theologically informed and great fun as well. It's about 25km from my predictably artsy mud home in predictably crafty bush but worth every second of the drive!

Thanks for putting such a grin on my face early in the morning. Bless you!


 Morag Fraser



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