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No longer thumped


Young people kiss















First kiss

First kiss
Was kind of crass
Like a big bite on the bottom
Not bliss
Not my idea of a wish
I could have crossed it off the list


Read the fine print

Read the fine print
Things are not glinting
I can feel myself blinking
Over the tiny fine print
I want to sprint away
From the fine print


The smell of fear

The smell of fear
Feels so strong
Like everything is wrong
I want to strike a large gong
And bring everyone along


The knock at the door

I hope to open the door
To someone who is not too much of
A bore
To help me to explore life outside the door
And give me goods galore



Waiting keeps me palpitating
I can feel myself almost hesitating
How I hate waiting
As my mind keeps racing
And my body keeps pacing


Stood up

Standing you up
Yet sitting it out
So weak
Not being able to
See you properly
Yet bent over backwards
My future incredibly bleak
Not being
Able to do obliques


No fixed address

No one can even send
Me a letter
To make me feel better



Distracted by your reflection
Being attracted to only you
You are my projection
But also my affliction
I don't want to feel your rejection
Or to be cut up into little sections



Beautiful cake
How can I resist you
Even though others persist
Not to eat you



Love is in the air
We're definitely on a dare
Our love is broadcast everywhere
We make quite a pair
As we double up on hugs and kisses


The daily news

What's new
The daily news
Nothing that I already knew
I read through the paper
Through and through
Until I finally decide to throw it out
After I find out
What everything has been about
Around town and can now do my business around town



He loved lamingtons never got tired of them
Nearly always had a packet or at least a stack of them
Better than pancakes
Even better than an ordinary sponge cake
The desiccated coconut mixed with chocolate
So naughty and wicked
Better even than the best quality chocolate or double fudge cake
Giving pleasure and sensation to his
Already superbly trained taste buds and sweet tooth


Pink carnations

Pink carnations
Soft to the touch
Although causing a big sensation
With roses as their competitor
And often picked instead
Leaving the roses for dead
Their thorns make me go ouch
Too much
As the carnations take their place


A note found

A note found
What could it be?
I found it under a tree
Beside the road
Will it be relevant to me?
And bring me luck
Or should I leave it unopened?
And throw it away
And just let a truck roll over it



Flying in the heat
Spreading themselves around
Like warm butter
As I mutter honey to my lover


High heels

High heels
In many ways a big deal
I almost want to shriek at my high heels
Hoping they may appeal
And give men a thrill
And really go for the kill
As I go up the hill
After I pay a lot of money
For them at the till



Too bad that you were just a fad
Yet I was still happy to add you to my life
You certainly gave me lots of drive
Our relationship was pure adrenaline
However now we have driven the distance
Our eyes no longer lock in an instant



You only get one life
For some women it's all about
Being a wife
I stay away from the conventions of life
I am my own person
On my own unique personal journey
All by myself at times
Not running with the times
However instead feeling sublime
Not having to wash everyone else's
Grimy clothes and dishes
Not even cleaning up after the dishy guy
Granting myself lots of wishes
Fishes are my only children
Just two of them will do thank you
No longer having to put up without being thanked
No longer thumped
Jumping lots of hurdles
Kicking lots of goals
All by myself
Only answering to myself



You certainly kept me mobile
On my mobile
I was like a motor mouth
As we headed down south
However the holiday didn't last
You gave me a blast
On my mobile by never ringing me up again


I'm sure it will rain if I hang the washing out

The rain
Giving me pain
Over the pain it took for me to do the washing
Being so careful with everything
Including measuring the washing powder
Putting all my beloved clothes together
Now my clothes literally under the weather
Wet and miserable
Like Les Misérables
Longing to be put back in the lovely closet
High and dry
Not crying
Unprotected in the rain
Ripping and dripping
Exposed to the harsh elements
Creating sentiment
Wishing all the time that they could
Gently be put back inside
The sanctity of the house

Isabella FelsIsabella Fels is a Melbourne poet and writer.

First kiss image from Shutterstock

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Existing comments

Lovely, thank you. My favourite? 'Cake', of course.

Pam | 22 July 2014  

Very clever and witty poetry.I think I inspired the Lamington piece.Great stuff Isabella!

Niall Carroll | 19 July 2015  

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