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Not racist but



Grace alone


Project respect,

blessed speck,

unearth your

earthen vessel

to pour wine from

a jagged neck,

wield your mortar

without pestle.

Find a scrap of

wit, a dreck, in

which there

seems to nestle

an intimate God kiss,

a peck, preambling

as we wrestle.

Jacob / Israel,

heal or wreck,

heap soul food

on civic trestle:

grace alone can

hope detect.

Grace will arrest,

contest all.






hits bat


rescinds ball


furrows wind


orb flies


escapes time


dawdles frail


feet dance


fields aplenty


follow flight


arrests path


plummets earthwards


castinetting clickedy


fumble fling


as catch


carapaced embraced


and despond


batsman walks


with hue


irascible blue



Get notted


I'm not

homophobic but

if you

question my

relished prejudice

satirise my

hissy fits

you're not

playing fair


I'm not

racist but

don't you

call out

my revulsion

or reveal

cultural discrimination

(not here

over there)


I ain't

xenophobic but

those outcasts

on their

failed flotillas

are all

killers in

terror chrysalis —

beyond care


I'm not

sexist but

your flaunting

of sexual

freedom, power,

makes me

long for

lost hour,

frail misère


I'm no

curmudgeon but

stop children

happ'ly playing

and hide

suckling infant

flailing at

bosom pressed

out bare


I'm a

neo conservative

a term

that is

derivative of

values lost

and damaged

beyond repair

mon frère


If you

peer quite

closely you

will notice

I am

mostly not

a loving

breathing person

(that's rare)



Barry GittinsBarry Gittins is a communication and research consultant for The Salvation Army.

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Existing comments

Brill (adj.Brit.informal), Barry.

Pam | 30 November 2015  

I'm not

Pleased but

I'll try to



All these.

Thank you Barry .

Teresa Martin-Lim | 01 December 2015  

Get notted not rot to those that know themselves not - not that I would tie myself in knots about what they think or not.

Brett | 01 December 2015  

Thank you Barry for three delightful poems, which hit the spot very well. I particularly like 'Got Notted'. We hear it all the time: 'I'm not racist, or sexist, or something, BUT...'

Rodney Wetherell | 02 December 2015  

Wow !! Thanks, Barry!

Tessa McMahon | 04 December 2015  

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