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Nuns, gurus and rebels: the best of Eureka Street TV

For the past three years video consultant Peter Kirkwood has produced a fortnighly series for Eureka Street TV, published on Eureka Street's Youtube channel and featuring some of the world's leading thinkers on faith and spirituality in the 21st century. As Peter embarks on an extended hiatus from the role, we take a look back at some of his best Eureka Street TV interviews of the past three years.



Anwar Ibrahim

Outspoken Malaysian politician talks about the urgency of interreligious dialogue, how to deal with religious pluralism, the need for open debate amongst Muslims, and the true meaning of sharia law. 


Hans Kung

Controversial theologian speaks about the need for interreligious dialogue, a global ethic and the state of the Catholic Church. 


Robina Courtin

Interview with an Australian Buddhist nun. 


Laurence Freeman

Benedictine monk and leader of the World Community for Christian Meditation talks about the importance of inter-religious dialogue, and the dangers of religion without the contemplative dimension. 


Tariq Ramadan

World renowned Islamic scholar talks about the need for Muslims to be open to other faiths, and about the crucial role of education in overcoming inter-religious conflict. 


Joan Chittister

Leading Benedictine nun talks about the great need for inter-religious forums like the Parliament of the World's Religions, her inspiration to take part in dialogue, and the status of women in religion. 


James Allison

Interview with an openly gay Catholic priest and theologian.


Sandra Schneiders

American professor of New Testament and Christian spirituality on the significance of the Second Vatican Council, and how it overturned the negative stance of the Catholic Church towards the world. 


Peter Kennedy

Rebel Catholic priest  Peter Kennedy talks about his St Mary's-in-Exile community, how he views mainstream Catholicism, whether there is any hope of reconciliation with the Church, and the importance of mysticism. 


Swami Agnivesh

Prominent Hindu reformer from India, Swami Agnivesh, speaks about the urgent need for dialogue among religions, overcoming narrow religiosity, and his struggle against bonded labour and child slavery in his country. 


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Peter Kirkwood headshotPeter Kirkwood is a freelance writer and video consultant with a master's degree from the Sydney College of Divinity. The editors of Eureka Street extend their sincerest thanks to Peter for all his contributions of the past three years.

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