On with the show


Fiona Katauskas' cartoon On With The Show depicts quizz master Peter Dutton presiding over Tony Abbott's picking who to blame



Fiona Katauskas Fiona Katauskas' work has also appeared in ABC's The DrumNew Matilda, The Sydney Morning HeraldThe AgeThe AustralianThe Financial Review and Scribe's Best Australian political cartoon anthologies.

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eeny, meeny, miny, moe (with curly and larry)
Pam | 01 September 2015

It's obvious whose fault it is. Everyone's except the policy makers of the Liberal Party.
Robert Liddy | 02 September 2015

Great cartoon!
Frank Golding | 02 September 2015

So true, it's scary!
Ellen | 02 September 2015

I am loathe to spoil a great cartoon with the facts but the following was written by Peter Hartcher in the Sydney Morning Herald. "Correction: this column incorrectly asserts that the Prime Minister, Tony Abbott, was involved in the decision to launch a planned Border Force operation in Melbourne. Fairfax Media accepts unreservedly that Mr Abbott was not involved in this decision and also accepts that Mr Abbott had no foreknowledge of the Border Force plan to stop and speak to people about their visa status." Don't let the truth stand in the way of your cartoons, Fiona Just on with the Abbott-hating show!!
Marg | 03 September 2015

Marg, while it is true that Tony A. didn't know about the Border Force operation, he certainly made a great show of launching this organisation and has used language that suggests 'visa irregularities' occur in certain groups. I understand that the largest visa 'overstayers' are citizens of Great Britain & the USofA. How would members of Border Force decide which people to stop & check papers: given that most people never need to carry them? It seems fishy to me.
Lorna Skilton | 04 September 2015


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