Parliamentary circles



Selected poems



hack the mind of poet's turned prophet     find
a masterpiece of imagination    must-have metaphor
minefield of outrage           indignation

a rose or two
unseemly unrequited lust      an unspecified longing
for someone else's        worn skin

documents and data points   unsent submissions
rejection files            failed epics
lyrics waiting for rebirth as song

               match dreams             to illusion
and dreams can be used against the dreamer

dreams use photos and scars as data points
buy and sell privacy          forgotten algorithm platforms
three strikes        hack              you're out




on the Circle driving around the Parliament
second time around and not sure where to get off or where they get off in the Big House talking talking         round and round

you say it's all swings and roundabouts         a circumlocutory carousel         a beauty of tautology
movement continuity         exhausting         periphrastic traffic circle         sucking
out our oxygen

when all we expect         want         is neat lines, hospital corners         the breathing space of four-way intersections         slowing stop         to         turn

no pause to merge         roundabout way of saying         you will never be us



Three tanka

shortest day passes
out of synch with mid-winter
still to come
sub-zero mornings
frozen pipes         daffodils

archiving precious notes
paper to USB stick —
tech equipment obsolete
overnight         access ports
segue to the Cloud

our Parliament
hunkers down         turtle         ostrich
on Capital Hill
wars are world business
fall out         our turn to clean up



Sandra RenewSandra’s poetry includes a range of critique and commentary on issues such as war, guns, gender, refugees, and gay and lesbian politics. Her recent publication Acting Like a Girl is published by Recent Work Press 2019

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Existing comments

...perhaps a Hawke's eye view of the double-speak and the psychobabble which cacophonates the Capitol cairn... a scintillating Sandra renewing my cynicism...thank you...

Charles Murray | 13 August 2019  

So good to read quality poetry that expresses my own frustration with the roundabout that passes for Australian politics today. Thank you Sandra.

Betty McLellan | 14 August 2019  

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