Perceval's delinquent angel

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Bonnards' cat

Pierre Bonnard's White Cat (Le Chat Blanc) 1894
has the smug face of a cat and the whipping tail of a cat
and the four legs of a cat, only this is Impressionism: the legs are far too long
Each leg floats like those of a halved octopus not like my cat on the windowsill
But it is like the cat I saw in the movie The Hurt Locker
about the war where we're bringing democracy to the Middle East
Baghdad, where they need our bomb disposal teams_____also teams with cats
The streetscape is desolate sand on sand and the cat picks its way
skinny, white fur with a hint of ginger_____ long_____long_____legs to clear the rubble

Jane Downing


Perceval's delinquent angel

Perceval's delinquent angel
Is up to something
But will not reveal
That tricksy intention
For eyes raised
Hands extended, it listens
For the starting gun
In the hands of a distant God

Bruce Shearer


Miniature women
Kangra Valley Paintings, 18th century

Suspended like a cloud of ambered flies
are women, caught in motion, centre stage.
It could be London, 1970s;
some confluence of history. Every page
exudes imagined scent — there's jasmine here,
despite the thrumming air-con's temperate flow:
it perfumes all the heated spaces where
bold flowered fabric blooms, where hookahs smoke.

The women talk. They read and write, listen
to music, wear their long hair loose in falls
over bare breasts and flowing robes. The men
are in the background, if they're there at all.

The caption calls this art 'a song that sings
itself'. Faint sitar strums. It's ravishing.

Virginia Jealous



the trailing
hand, a mother

waves behind her
a nibble

of fingerlings
for a child

to grasp & hold
in their absence

of touch
a nothingness

& then the horror
a wall full of Sid Nolan heads 

Rory Harris

Jane Downing headshotJane Downing recently completed a Doctor of Creative Arts degree at the University of Technology, Sydney. She teaches at Charles Sturt University, Albury.

Bruce Shearer headshotBruce Shearer is a Melbourne writer who has been published in the USA, Poland and Australia. A collection of his children's plays, Plays to Value, was published by Curriculum Corporation in 2005.

Virginia Jealous headshotVirginia Jealous is a poet, travel writer and former emergency relief worker. Her second collection of poetry, Hidden World, was published by Hallowell Press in 2013. She lives out of a suitcase and on the road when not at home in Denmark, Western Australia.

Rory Harris portraitRory Harris is a poet and teacher. His poetry collections include Over the Outrow, From the Residence, Snapshots From a Moving Train, 16 poems, and Uncle Jack and Other Poems.

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Ekphrastic! Like a strange triptych, but more so.
Penelope | 15 April 2013


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