Power flowers


the lilies of the field —
Can they add value to the Dollar, erase the Deficit?
    Will they buy me a Maserati, or a Beach House?
        Could you open a Bank Account with one?

the lilies of the field —

Where were they when I sought
    Contacts in High Places,
        Collusive Handshakes,
            a Leg up the Ladder?

the lilies of the field —
After I'd reached the Top
    why didn't they save me
        from Boardroom Rivals
            plotting to bring me down?

the lilies of the field —
What solace could they offer
    when my life turned against itself
        & Emptiness devoured me?

the lilies of the field —
Cut them down, root them out.
    Let them be shipped off & sold
        for funeral wreaths;
            crammed into gilt vases
        as backdrops for the lily-white smiles 
    of Politicians, Captains of Industry
& Media Moguls in all their Glory.

the lilies of the field —

Plough up the land where they grew
    & spray it with poison —
        spray it again & again.

the lilies of the field —
They were clueless about defending themselves
    & now they don't exist —
        so there!

the lilies of the field —
    Forget them.
        You've won.
            What's next?
Diane FaheyDiane Fahey's eighth poetry collection, Sea Wall and River Light, was co-winner of the ACT Government's 2007 Judith Wright Prize. The Mystery of Rosa Morland, a verse novel, was published by Clouds of Magellan in 2008. Her New and Selected Poems will be published by Puncher & Wattmann in November this year.

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Existing comments

I am a newcomer to Diane's poetry - since she has moved into "our" locality. I infact am looking forward to reading more of her writings [ fiction and poems] in the near future as I prepare to interview her on a liitle books-and-reading program I host on Geelong community radio [ PULSE 94.7 fm - heard clearly in NW suburbs] each Tuesday at 3 pm, called simply " The Blurb". Keep scribbling, Diane!

bernard p ryan | 10 August 2010  

Oh I miss the poets like Wordsworth, Tennyson, Coleridge, Matthew Arnolds, Gerald Manly Hopkins, Shelley etc.

Trent | 11 August 2010  

Dear Trent, if you miss Matthew Arnold, Gerard Manley Hopkins and the rest, they're just there on the shelf, waiting to be read. Likewise the sensitive and connected poetry of Diane Fahey. We inherit the Romantic tradition and Diane's poetry is in dialogue with that tradition. Quite intensely, if you ask me.

Victoria Beaumont | 11 August 2010  

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