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Random thoughts

Random thoughts
Yang Weizhen (1296–1370)

my west neighbour cried over a sudden family death last night
and my east neighbour is upset by a dismissal from the officialdom today
one does not know what’s going to happen tomorrow
so how can you let your glass of wine run dry?
Mountains deep and shallow
Yang Ji (1326–1378)

chinaberry flowers wet with a soft drizzle
loquat ripe on every tree in a southerly
i go for a slow walk and do not remember the mountains deep and shallow
orioles keeping me company all the way home

Fishing song
Zhang Zhihe (730–782)

white egrets are flying in front of the xisai mountain
where waters flow with peach flowers and fat mandarin fish
in a black bamboo hat
and a green straw cape
one does not want to go home against the slanting wind and rain

Moon like a hook
Li Yu (ca. 937–978)

wordless, i climb up to the west balcony
the moon like a hook
a clear autumn locked up in the deep lonely courtyard of wutong trees

and un-sort-out-able
is what one feels when saying farewell
a heart of sorrow

Missing my friend
Meng Haoran (ca. 690–ca. 740)
the mountain light suddenly gone in the west
the pond moon gradually rises in the east
my hair let down, i enjoy the evening cool
relaxing in the open space with an open door
a lotus wind issues fragrant airs
and the bamboo drips clear-sounding dews
i’m about to get my qin out and play it
but realize my closest friend is not here to listen
thus i miss you my friend
and wish we could meet in a midnight dream


Drinking alone with the moon
Li Bai (701–762)

a pot of liquor amidst flowers
i drink alone without friends
i invite the moon, cup in hand
there are three of us, with my shadow
but the moon little knows how to drink
and the shadow just follows me about
their presence so temporary
i shall seek pleasure when the spring comes
as i sing the moon is pacing up and down
and as i dance my shadow swishes around
awake, we have fun together
drunken, we go our separate ways
we forget ourselves so much in our mutual enjoyment
we can only hope to meet again in a far milky way heaven

Cold night
Jie Xisi (1274–1344)

sparse stars frozen in a frosty sky
over the thin forest wet by a flowing moonlight
i stay awake in an empty hall
listening to an occasional leaf fall


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