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Religion's homophobic scratch and sniff



Attracted to the other and/or drawn to the same,
we all bathe in the splendour of allure.
Reverse polarity provides an alien to abjure.
A goat to scape. Foes to shame and blame.

As pharisaical ghouls lobby for the status quo,
the legal 'bann' of variated love,
cynics note the dessicated unions blessed above:
divorce could prove a universal blow.

Tendrils of distaste and hate recoil in a tiff,
fear and loathing rile at others' joy.
Witness demagoguery's old yet newly minted toy:
religion's homophobic scratch and sniff.

Vile denunciations and allegations waft,
across the vast expanse of space and time.
Flatulent Dutch ovens of bigotry aloft fly,
as adult, equal love's tagged 'sin', not raft

to finding solace, as surely as the Made
seeks the Maker's consoling deeps.
Suicide and ostracism, hidden, slowly creeps;
onwards upwards deathwards. Passions fade.

Semantics fly, with rites and rights a puritan's lament.
Literal application to words rimed with years;
Words that wedge the other as the focal point of fears.
Church, mosque or temple: bodies exercise their bent

to non-hetero matrimonials defy.
Sordid 'sacred' words lose lustre in the Light.
Condemning comes not from Love, but spite.
What weight of misery typifies the cry

of adults drawn to other adult lives?
What hideous hypocrites act to censure Love?
Where can Grace dwell? Where is God? In? Above?
Absent when loathing and rank hatred thrives?

To thwart the needs and sorrowful dreams
of frail and potent figures, near and far,
the sexual Luddites wreck the engines of reform to mar
the would-be dignity and fragile schemes

of those who would be openly joined in view
of human, God and faith-besmirching church.
These haters soldier on, blindly fouling the search
for 'home' and kindling hearth. They must construe

a valley of dry-boned hopes. Make of love a tower
of denial. Their 'keepings off' round robin game
of demonising, skewering pain; can we name
latency, jealousy, envy, misuse of power?

Who and how an adult loves — who another gains
as adult lover, soulgazer, oasis, keenest friend —
leaves no grounds for judgment or fear. In the end
God wipes away their tears. Stills their pains. 

Barry GittinsBarry Gittins is a Melbourne writer.

Topic tags: new australian poems, Barry Gittins, gay marriage, homosexuality



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Existing comments

Beautiful work Baz, so proud to call you a friend!

Kathryn Wright | 22 November 2011  

A very excellent poem! Well done, Barry.

Mathew Crane | 22 November 2011  

This poem certainly struck a chord with me - thank you.

Rodney Wetherell | 22 November 2011  

I am sorry to learn from Mr Gittins' "poem" that anyone who does not accept all he says or implies about homosexual love is "homophobic." I do not want to deny same sex lovers whatever are their rightful dues. I am concerned that to equate same sex marriage with the traditional form may, in the end, endanger the status of both to the detriment of both. There are still many questions to be answered concerning this crucial topic.

I do not have the answers and I am still seeking truth. That is, I hope, not due to homophobia but a tolerance for both sides of a troubled debate. Your intolerance of my doubt is one of the obstacles both sides need to overcome. At one extreme we have a conservative religious mind set. At the other the your basless certainty. Each are as far from truth as the other.

grebo | 22 November 2011  

And as I read this journey of alienation and pain
I bring to my heart the story of where god’s love abounds,
of where a man ascended, to a place of love, profound
of honour and of grace, behold in all true love ,not disdain.

jo dallimore | 22 November 2011  

Who be they who think such love is cursed

And answer thus in shameful doggerel verse?

Claude Rigney | 22 November 2011  

Well said Grebo. The extremists on this issue make it very difficult to even have a rational discussion.

Chris Howard | 23 November 2011  

GREBO: The "concern" you refer to about "equating same sex marriage with the traditional form may" in actually born of fear - phobia.
Equal marriage rights cannot possibly endanger the status of any marriage. At the moment homosexual people have no status (except for civil unions similar to a pet registration). Once there is equality there will be no need to compare and contrast them. It's similar to allowing women to vote or Aboriginal people to become Australian citizens.
I suspect the questions you are referring to that need to be answered concern adoption rights, and the ethics involved in surrogacy and IVF etc - with these issue I agree that discussion is needed, but this is an issue for heterosexual couples to because children are a privilege and gift from God - not a right.

AURELIUS | 23 November 2011  

To Chris Howard: There is no extremism in a discussion on human rights, unless you believe some people are more equal than others. The human person person has intrinsic value and dignity in Catholic teaching.

AURELIUS | 24 November 2011  

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