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 In this Fiona Katauskas cartoon, two women approach Parliament House. On the front there is a sign, "Boys will be boys club." "'Cultural issues'" you were saying?" one woman remarks.



Fiona KatauskasFiona Katauskas' work has also appeared in ABC's The Drum, New Matilda, The Sydney Morning Herald, The Age, The Australian, The Financial Review and Scribe's Best Australian political cartoon anthologies.

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'It's a shame' is too puny an expression.

Pam | 17 February 2021  

“It is also a warning. It is a warning that, if nobody reads the writing on the wall, man will be reduced to the state of the beast, whom he is shaming by his manners.” ? Mahatma Gandhi, Gandhi: An autobiography

AO | 17 February 2021  

Rapists get away with murder in this country. How? A rapist kills the life force of the victim. 'He', the ex Liberal Minister, must go to court, be trailed and put in jail for at the very least 10 years. And right 'now', his name should be disclosed, not hide.

AO | 17 February 2021  

Boys will be boys are men will be dumb, the dumb being the cover-upping minister, bishop, studio head, school principal or whatever. The best way to burnish your ‘wokeness’ is to sell the miscreant down the river as soon as you find out about the incident. The jury of the public will be impressed, you will look good, the victim will have nothing on you and the perpetrator will confirm the biblical observation that your sin will put you in the hands of others. At least, that’s how the market model of free supply and demand would work: a demand for outrage, retribution and vindication would be met post haste with an ample supply of solicitous transparency to the satisfaction of all. Monopoly is when you effectively raise the price of disclosure by hoarding knowledge of the offence, until some free rider enters the market, discloses the event, and steals the benefits of wokeness that could have gone to you. As with economics, welfare here is advanced by self-interest, not merit. That the Liberals can’t apply their secular religion to their secular problems is the bit that is dumb.

roy chen yee | 20 February 2021  

Old habits die hard and the for-the-boys mentality of these professional manchildren is no exception. Every day this government remains is a sad day for Australians.

L. Lowe | 03 March 2021  


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