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2008 Eureka Street cover imagesLocked articles are a distant memory for Eureka Street readers. And we can say with confidence that our decision to make content free of charge has been a resounding success. Traffic to our website has more than doubled.

Until late last year, the majority of our articles was accessible only to paying subscribers. But in common with many other publications, we discovered that while readers were willing to make the shift from print to online, not enough were prepared to pay. Advertising is also problematic for publications with large amounts of locked content.

The other big development this year has been the switch from fortnightly to daily publication. Previously we published around 15 articles every two weeks as an online 'magazine'. Since January this year, we have published two articles each weekday. The daily 'rolling' publication has allowed us to reflect on events as they occur, and many readers have told us that they prefer to have the articles presented to them two — rather than 15 — at a time.

We have received only a few expressions of misgiving from readers who would prefer to pay for the content. Of course we would not expect to receive too many complaints, but we do know that some, and perhaps many, readers would be prepared to make a donation towards our production costs.

Our publisher Jesuit Communications has had two raffle fundraisers this year. There has been some increase in advertising revenue, but essentially our benefactors have carried the cost burden of our move to free access.

To this end, we will be establishing an online donation facility early in the new year. Those who prefer more traditional means of making a donation may send a cheque to Jesuit Communications at PO Box 553, Richmond 3121. Until our office closes for the break on Tuesday afternoon, you may also phone us with your credit card details on 1300 72 88 46.

Meanwhile, we hope you have a happy Christmas and a prosperous new year. We will be back early January with 'best of' articles from 2008, and new content from mid-January.

But you don't need to take a break from Eureka Street, you are welcome to browse our archive at any time. Just click the 'Archive' tab at the top of the page, or the set of thumbnail cover images above.

Michael MullinsMichael Mullins is editor of Eureka Street.




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Existing comments

Happy Christmas team - I bought Eureka Street for years and I value your daily bulletins - I would really miss them. Thoughtful, challenging, whimsical. At 74 - I grew up listening to the Jesuits and value your Eureka Street today
margaret o'reilly | 23 December 2008

Thoroughly agree. A large number of visitors are on fixed income and in their latter years. It is a pity that The Tablet and America for just two periodicals don't follow suit.

Since only a small minority of Catholics attend Mass and if they do, hardly get any enlightenment from the sermon, the print and especially the online media is the only way of keeping in touch with 'the old time religion'. Thank you.
philip herringer | 23 December 2008

Michael, I agree. I was asubscriber to the "old" Eureka Street but I think the "new" format is wonderful. It's a great start to the day - gets you thinking. Thank you.

And a happy and holy Christmas to all the ES team.
Sauro Antonelli | 23 December 2008

Well done !!!

It's one thing to contemplate a challenge and quite another to proceed with it. Good on deserve the results you've achieved.

All the best to all of you for Christmas and the New Year ahead.
Brian Haill | 23 December 2008

Seasons greetings to you too, Michael. Eureka Street provides me with fresh and intelligent comment from broadly Christian points of view, a rare and precious thing. Eureka Street is a truthful oasis, a reviving drink for the despairing traveller in Australia's wasteland of media trivia.
Neil Tolliday | 23 December 2008

I for one am one of the many who has enjoyed your magazine as an e-zine. My doctor used to lend me her copy to read until we moved away, and I never got around to subscribing for myself. So, you are a welcome balance in my faith journey. Thank you!
Beth Bowman | 23 December 2008

Thank you and a very happy Xmas. I have really enjoyed the new approach to ES, notwithstanding that initially I thought I would not.

The articles are challenging, yet most a joy to read. I look forward to 2009.

Peter Gaughwin | 23 December 2008

Is there anywhere in Auckland New Zealand to donate used stamps for the Jesuit missions?
Patricia Vaughan | 23 December 2008

Thanks Michael and staff for a terrific online publication. I have been a subscriber to Eureka Street in its former state, but much prefer the two articles per day and read them always!
Blessings for Christmas and the new year.
Barbara Brown-Graham fcJ | 23 December 2008

At the age of 81 and as a recent Catholic convert I greatly value Eureka Street which I am sure was a not unimportant influence when I made a citical decision late in life.

David Dyer | 23 December 2008

Thank you, Michael.Like others, I was a contributor to the printed Eureka Street, but much prefer the on-line version. I usually manage to read the two articles each day and, very often, they give me food for thought.
May Christmas be a time of hope and happiness for everyone involved with Eureka Street.
Maryrose Dennehy FCJ | 24 December 2008


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