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Sermon on the Institution

I came to bring you church
and church in abundance.
Come to me all who are
heavy laden and I will give you church.
I am the way, the truth
and the church. No-one comes
to the father but through those doors.

Even the very tiles on your
cathedral roofs are numbered.
Why then do you worry
over budgets? Is not your church
worth more than many NGOs
and sporting clubs?

And when you church
don't be like heathens
who seek me in sunlight and scrubland,
go into your plain-walled buildings
and close the door. Your heavenly father
knows what you do in secret
and will reward you. With a good church
so you can fold your hands in your laps.

Blessed are you who minister
for you will be called makers of church.
But woe to you who love
for you throw evangelistic tracts
into the wind and watch them flutter...

What is the kingdom of church like,
to what shall I compare it?
It is like a Moreton Bay Fig
that a man chopped to the ground
then used the wood to construct
a row of dog kennels. Somewhere
for sleeping while the wind howls.



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