Six moments by the sea

1. First

the sky built itself
out of nothing,
pressed gold
over the world

until up on the hill, all the houses were on fire.

2. Morning

A bird
holds itself in suspension
over the cliff, caught in a pocket
of air.

The leaf, an autumn leaf
across the road on its wheels.

Will it fall in? It will swim.

3. Tides

I seep out from inside like blood.
Dripping down the mountain
over damp beds of sand to the tideline.
It is low and sweet with debris.
The waves leave what they can on the beach.

4. You

stand on the headland
hand pressed to your face.

It was so early

when I wanted you
when I wanted
to tell you everything
I can remember.

5. Gulls

suck slivers of fish from the day
swallowing whole
the light-soaked bodies.
The waves
purple as wine.

6. Stones

We climb back
the tall wet cliff
to the dark house.

Inside, our four rooms are blue.
Outside the wind is a whisk
in an egg of air
beating the froth.



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