Smells like baked scones


Baked scones

The day I decide to sort my sock drawer is the day the phone rings 10 times

to tell me of your demise.
I have seven pairs of dark blue socks,
several of abstract design and one green
knee high with black hoops (cost $30)
a hole in the right foot.
Some official, probably police,
called first, announced your death
in breathy voice said ‘hospital…
but nothing could be done’
I like to wear the knee highs
or the green and purple stripes
feel a bit out there, member of a club
My rebel mum, you said.
The next caller and the next after that
and the next after that said
He was doing what he loved.
One EVEN said, His art consumed him.
It was JK6 who filled me in. He said
you had finished your best piece ever.
Look out for it rolling on freight
all over Queensland, back of beyond
like the others it will make it to LA
The outrageous flares, vivid colours
fit for angels. Like he knew. He said.
He said you were flying high, then Icarus-like
forgot the rules, leant back, punched overhead
power lines …melted man atop the car.
FAME is yours
I'd celebrate wearing those loopy socks. If it didn't hurt so much
This Brown Pot
smells like baked scones. On my tongue
it would be delectable. Close up I see
yellow petals chase the girth of the sun,
hear clustering butterflies, tissue wings
open, called by a silent spirit to soaring flight.
I roll my fingers over its lip, trace earthen
skin, raised gritty bits. Is that a petal?
A ballooning bottom too wide for my fingers
to span I think I meet yours still wet
from the clay. Later I will sit the pot
on my desk filled with red geraniums,
variegated blue and pink wallflowers
I’ll let it breathe devotion, your heart work
Imprint your words of love on my page.

Wendy Fleming

Wendy Fleming is a past president of the Melbourne Poets Union, which last year published her first collection Backyard Lemon.

Baked scones image by Shutterstock.

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Existing comments

Thanks Wendy for these touching poems. (I bet you make great scones too). Bill R

Bill Rush | 02 June 2015  

What a mighty pair of poems. Thank you.

David B | 02 June 2015  

You get better with age! Great poems x

Fee | 04 June 2015  

Love both poems! Pure Australia! I have just got into Kevin Brophy's poetry and all this is balm for the soul of an Aussie in exile in Rome.

Kerry Scanlon fmm | 05 June 2015  

Dearest Wendy I speak of both pieces. Your work is beautiful lyrical and insightful. Images provoked and smelt,experienced you ably project your world onto the canvas of our eyes ears and minds.XJ

Jim Gronbach | 06 June 2015  

Wonderful poems, Wendy

Anne | 12 June 2015  

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