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Spider monk


Autumn spider

Overnight, on some great whim, he went careening down the coast of Africa
And snared the cape of a whole new continent;
And I might have caught him in the act
As you might catch a stagehand scrambling into the wings
At the first note of an overture,
But I didn't.

Now he is pursed within the curl of his leaf,
A monk at watch for those lost souls
Whom he might trap in the sneer
Of his silken intentions:
A trappist pehaps.

But, soundless as a lawyer plotting,
His mind still spins
With subtleties that cling and bend:
If pale winter were not wheezing
Just beyond the horizon,
We might, each of us,
Be trussed in the spider's galaxy of contiguous things,
An ounce of thinking muscle
Left to sweeten on the bone.

Morning Star

Minus two.
Winter solstice just days away,
And, turning out of a frosted dream,
The slow, reluctant dawn.
On the South Geelong station
We shuffle
In a slow wintrum of dance;
Froid Astaires.
Cartoon breaths,
But too cold for words.
The man who coughs,
And the last star
In its fixed adventure fading;
And so we begin to drift
Into the dim scrutiny
Of those inner stars
Of our mortal navigations.


It is the lightness of a hawk
That dresses the wind,
The tracings found
In crushed elegies of frost.
It is the shade that disappears
Into summer's resinous hum,
The sigh contained in all rapt silences,
The shudder in the belly of a rose.
It is follies of henna
Tracing their whims
From hand to arm,
It is the hesitations
That we make our walls.

It is affection's shy, insistent cousin,
The companion word to the verb, to love,
The blessing held
In the soft benediction of other eyes.
It is the slow, consensual, untouching dance
That steers toward the rising of all our tomorrows,
And, it is the aching moment
That begins
The quiet dawning of the heart. 

Grant FraserGrant Fraser is a lawyer, poet and filmmaker. His collection of poetry Some Conclusion in the Heart was published by Black Willow Press. His film Syllable to Sound was screened on ABC1. 

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Existing comments

Thank you for this beautiful poetry, a wonderful wordsmith that just shares with us the beautiful pictures that touch our hearts, thank you and thanks to Grant Fraser

margaret o'reilly | 30 August 2011  

Thank you grant for this triple delight. Loved the poem about eh spider (do lawyers really plot- surely not?). The great turn of the world cpaptured in a web.

Jorie | 30 August 2011  

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