Spider shiver



Selected poems



Think back from the future of a bat



by grace


beyond your range

as you hang


with leathered






by gravity



to bone

at night


your skin darker

than sky







to build the bless

of a soul spun

in curled leaf

left since autumn

dry on the stem


(another is unstamped in the box

beneath the latest literary magazine)


my fingers

tentatively test it

for spinners and

for silk that

shivers with prey





Fresh and salt


A grey annunciation

of polished sky —


                           its steel

& the bay

               — that intercept


of rain

on adolescent sweat.



Anne ElveyAnne Elvey’s recent poetry publications include Kin and This Flesh That You Know. White on White is forthcoming from Cordite Books. Anne is managing editor of Plumwood Mountain and chief editor with Melbourne Poets Union. She holds honorary appointments at Monash University and University of Divinity where she is a member of the Centre for Research in Religion and Social Policy.

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Existing comments


Mary Tehan | 20 June 2017  

Beautiful poetry, Anne !!

Bernadine Kelly | 21 June 2017  

How a few lovely well-chosen words can spin such magic. Thank you, Anne!

Allan Padgett | 22 June 2017  

Thank you Mary and Bernadette.

Anne | 22 June 2017  

Thank you Allan. That's very kind.

Anne | 23 June 2017  

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