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Fiona Katauskas' cartoon 'The Coalition's ABC' depicts 'Barnabies in Pyjamas' deriding climate change, 'The First Tuesday Book Shelf' with George Brandis saying 'Just send the bill to the taxpayers', and '7.30-7.31' with Tony Abbott calling 'time's up' on a newsreader just as she begins to say something critical of the Government.

Fiona KatauskasFiona Katauskas' work has also appeared in ABC's The DrumNew Matilda, The Sydney Morning HeraldThe AgeThe AustralianThe Financial Review and Scribe's Best Australian political cartoon anthologies.

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Obviously still loving your job and having a lot of fun whilst enlightening the hoodwinked taxpayers. Australia is beginning to look like pre-war nazi Germany or much of Europe and the USA when we had a AAA rating.

Annabel | 05 February 2014  

As amusing as your cartoon is it is a misrepresentation of the Coalitions position on the ABC as I understand it.

martin loney | 05 February 2014  

No Martin, Fiona has it right. Read today's Herald and see pages and pages where the Coalition has been caught lying about Ardmona, fracking, education etc etc. And even Abbot's own party members are blaming and shaming him. I would never vote for him. His behaviour at Sydney Uni was sexist and self-seeking and he doesn't seem to have had any epiphanies since then.

Annabel | 05 February 2014  

How would you like a Tame-Dog ABC? One that you knew would always kow-tow to those who "must be obeyed" and you almost know down to the last comma what was going to be said  on the pontification programmes and they would never get you thinking  about Life the Universe and Everything! How would you like an ABC that would never rock your boat one that would comfortably agree never to disturb your mind-doze  with the unexpected wave of considered questioning of the status-quo? That's right! ---- Let's make ABC our background noise  whilst we're whiling away an evening playing tri-peak solitaire --- Lovely! So what do i want? I want an ABC  that has a strong element of untamedness that is a bit of a blue-heeler  knowing the classic art of how to give you just the right nip  to move you along One that is able to pee on someone's sacred sanctimonion grass patch Congratulations ABC  for putting the Dog in the Priory parlour and stirring up the Abbot!

John Cranmer | 05 February 2014  

Annabel I very much appreciate what you are saying however I doubt many of us would want to be continually judged on our own pre 21st Century behaviour at Uni or elsewhere either! The Coalition is also bigger than one man and I seriously doubt its members would be so idealogically blinded by the extreme right within their ranks to allow the ABC to be messed with too much. It would be as electorally disastrous as lying about never bringing in a Carbon Tax and then doing it! Not that that every happened! There are as many good people within the Coalition as within the ALP and they know how precious an independent ABC is. I stand by my view that the majority within that democratic party have no agenda to destroy it. Finally maybe, just maybe, some within the ABC ought to stop playing into the hands of those few fascists who do want to surrender themselves and this country unto Murdoch. Thanks though.

martin loney | 06 February 2014  

If liberty means anything at all, it means the right to tell people what they do not want to hear. George Orwell

Annoying Orange | 06 February 2014  

"How would you like an ABC that would never rock your boat?" JC, for my 8 cents a day, I'd prefer an ABC, if it were to express political viewpoints, rocked the boat equally from the right as from the left. Not overwhelmingly from the Labor Left/Greens perspective.

HH | 06 February 2014  

Annabel I agree with your sentiments;do you remember the same idiotic attack by that chap Alston? he failed! Whilst we should remain vigilant I don't agree with the use of the nazi reference as it tends to distract from the real issues

JAV | 08 February 2014  


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