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The colour of you

  • 20 July 2021
Selected poems hive

& now

the blue


of your eyes

the green


of your garden

a white box


hive of bees

the colour of you




The growing

rhythm & sway


of you against

the wind, belly


full curved moon

a universe


before you


& a daughter

throws flowers


from the end

of the jetty


a string

of granddaughters, sons


a son in law

mid-morning Sunday


water scrunches                  

as a face would                


just before tears


& at the hand

held bus stop


it won’t be

long now


just a few



a little

her fingers catch


in the throat

as the child


in a dusted down

school uniform


morning waits

in the rain, mother


                                          & the woman

kneels to the height                                                                    


of the child

a fast spit bath


handkerchief wipe

around the edges


of his mouth

in the afternoon


squirming shadows

she holds her ground


her arms

are always


spread as

if flight


would lift

her, but


for a child

at each hand                                                       


o great

weary clouds


age hangs over

exhausted knocking


themselves together

a little rain


a few tears from the edge

crow’s feet eyes



in middle age


our mothers

are here before us


now our wives

& the wives of others


scarfed & drawn

as if straight from bed                                                                  


in comfortable shoes

& along the walls


of ward 3E a world

never imagined waits


our mothers are dead

sa mga yuuhom may dak mga kasakit


in the eyes there is rich pain




Having twisted

canes around


their wires & tied off

& waited for a little rain


to draw through

barely breathing limbs


for buds, to green to leaf & flutter

as children have run with flags


along wet arteries

bleeding change

Rory Harris currently teaches at Playford College in Adelaide’s northern suburbs. His most recent collection, beach (2016)