The current climate


'The current climate', by Fiona Katauskas

Fiona KatauskasFiona Katauskas' work has also appeared in ABC's The Drum, New Matilda, The Sydney Morning Herald, The Age, The Australian, The Financial Review and Scribe's Best Australian political cartoon anthologies.

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I repeat my request to you regarding your continued offensive depiction of Tony Abbott. Please don't depict Tony Abbott in an immodest swimsuit anymore. At least depict him in a suit that he wears most of the time. I find it most offensive to picture a Catholic politician in such a costume. You wouldn't put Julia Gillard in her swimming costume to depict her all the time. I'm sure she has gone swimming at some point of her life in public but no cartoonists have drawn her in such an undignified manner.

Trent | 02 March 2011  

Yes Trent, the image of Abbott in a budgie smuggler is offensive. I wish someone would tell him that next time he goes to the beach in the presence of news cameras.

As to your interest in images of Gillard in a swimsuit, you could try google ... or, failing that, photoshop?

Charles Boy | 02 March 2011  

I'm worried about the budgie. Don't they use them in, you know, mine shafts to detect nauseous gases?
Maybe the smugglers should be on the head.

Patrick | 02 March 2011  


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