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The days of the week

  • 20 April 2020

The Days of the Week

Sunday should be different from another day.

People may walk, but not throw stones at birds.

There may be relaxation, jobs deferred,

But there should be no levity, on Sunday.

Black humour may be practised sparingly,

Call their facial protection My Death Mask.

People may zoom, stay spatial, multi-task

But ease up on streaming soul-baringly.

Bold in bolt-holes, they may keep life holey,

Holes in plans, holes in coronaversation;

This should be not theirs, their Sunday solely.

Sunday may avoid the pulse quickening.

Dry cough, clammy forehead? Information

Please! A differently different sickening.


Day indifferently undifferent

From one unwilling week willing the next,

A pattern that kept wake-time unperplexed,

That old kickstart to how things ever went.

Monday was lifestart payout reckoning,

Ignored all complaints and looked straight ahead,

Silently adopted ‘best left unsaid’,

Routines and quiet deadlines beckoning;

Was, a day to share wet blanket thoughts,

Eat or be eaten, the lunchtime sandwich,

Afternoon’s noise normal chit-chat and hush;

Was, a day like other liquorice all-sorts,

Wanting a pay rise was all a bit rich,

Pushing and crushing through peak-hour rush.


Pushing and curling through soft breeze’s rush,

Screen-free the news is the turn of a leaf.

Silence, a freeway forgot to believe

Here below foliage in isolate hush.

A bird not seen in these parts many a year

Screen-free the choose of its ardent song.

Reports of the rain are weak front, then strong.

Sunshine headline news, or so it appears.

I whisper the tune from a scratchy disc

Maybe Tuesday will be my good news day,

The park one person, with dog all a-frisk.

Screen-free the news not a soul in the street,

Air cleaner than anything I think to say

Yesterday, then today, again, then repeat.


Yearnsday Zensday Againsday

Amendsday Amensday Befriendsday

Bendsday Blendsday Cleanseday

Commenceday Condenseday Consequenceday

Denseday Dependsday Descendsday

Endsday Expenseday Fendsday

Frenzday Henceday Immenseday

Intenseday Lendsday Lensday

Mendsday Mensday Offendsday

Omensday Overspendsday Rendsday

Sendsday Senseday Sitonthefenceday

Surrendsday Suspenseday Tenseday

Thenceday Trendsday Upendsday

Unfriendsday Ventsday Wednesday


When they say events may from a dream break

It breaks this way light alive everywhere;

Make of it what we may it shapes and shares

Particular and new, like we knew its make.

No mistake we work at home behind doors

Like a day before — switch — electric light;

Put shoulder to the chip as well we might,

It’s lonely outside where town meets the shores.

Thursday picks up where it left off before

Siesta become a moveable feast.

Small prayers, daylight music, coffee restore.

Dear Diary, it’s us and you by grace,

Some months all of this at the very least.

Cancel all entries. Where’s that CD case?


Cancel all entry, dust the CD case

I am DJ HAIKU of my own workplace.

Cancel canapés, the poolside digress

I walk the plank of the