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In the Fiona Katauskas cartoon, Scott Morrison lounges on a beach chair. He says, 'Look, I'd love to help those little girls but my empathy training doesn't go that far.' Behind him is the Christmas Island detention centre.



Fiona KatauskasFiona Katauskas' work has also appeared in ABC's The Drum, New Matilda, The Sydney Morning Herald, The Age, The Australian, The Financial Review and Scribe's Best Australian political cartoon anthologies.

Topic tags: Fiona Katauskas, Scott Morrison, Tamil Family, Biolela, Christmas Island, offshore detention, refugees



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That sums it up perfectly, Fiona.

Erik Hoekstra | 10 June 2021  

Yes; that's quite brilliant, Fi. Any chance of a cartoon with the Australian Bishops fiddling while Rome burns in the background? All you need are lots of mitres (in the manner of famed Captain Pugwash/Catholic Herald cartoonist John Ryan), a fiddle or two with a bit of musical notation floating above, and the dome of St Peter's going up in flames in the distance. A pity that mere words won't cut it (sob, weep).....

Michael Furtado | 13 June 2021  


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