Tony's backpedalling


Fiona Katauskas' cartoon 'Tony's Backpedalling'. Tony Abbott cycles towards meeting with Indonesian leader, past a flag that reads 'Turn back the boats'. Suddenly he reverses, causing the flag to reverse and reveal the message 'Well, maybe not'

Fiona KatauskasFiona Katauskas' work has also appeared in ABC's The DrumNew Matilda, The Sydney Morning HeraldThe AgeThe AustralianThe Financial Review and Scribe's Best Australian political cartoon anthologies.

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All that manoeuvring with trainer-wheels on the driveway at home has worked wonders!

Pam | 01 October 2013  

How refreshing that the wind of the spirit has given voice to justice . . . at least a little bit.

Ben from Redfern | 02 October 2013  

Great cartoon, Fiona. If this site included archives I am sure that we could find one for, "There will be no carbon tax under a government I lead."

Gerald Colreavey | 02 October 2013  

Equating a tax paid by big polluters with the murder of refugees is really disgusting Gerard.

Marilyn | 06 October 2013  

@Marilyn. I was highlighting the fact that Fiona Katauskas was unlikely to have called Julia Gillard to task for doing her backpedalling on the carbon tax. Your ascent to the moral highground rests on some assumptions I would challenge. CO2 is not a pollution. It is a gas vital for plant life on earth. From this plants produce oxygen. I won't insult your intelligence to say why this gas is also vital. The big polluters are the workers who run factories that provide us with the power, goods and services that we use each and every day. If you tried to shut them down, I am not sure that many of our fellow citizes would support you. Finally, calling the tragic deaths of asylum-seekers "murder" is quite a call. I have read enough of your posts at this site to know that you will blame anyone for the deaths of the asylum-seekers bar the people that crowd them into boats that are obviously unfit to get them to their intended destination. If anyone was culpable for their "murders", I would have thought they were at the front of the queue.

Gerard Colreavy | 07 October 2013  


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