Unprincipled plebiscite




Pro-plebiscite politicians want a 'divisive campaign vilifying gay people all funded by the taxpayer and a hugely expensive non-binding poll which we'll ignore if we don't win', as a 'matter of principle'. Cartoon by Fiona Katauskas



Fiona Katauskas Fiona Katauskas' work has also appeared in ABC's The Drum, New Matilda, The Sydney Morning Herald, The Age, The Australian, The Financial Review and Scribe's Best Australian political cartoon anthologies.

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When it comes to the Coalition versus the People, the Coalition always has more tricks up its sleeves. With the Republic Referendum, the Nature of the Republic was to be decided by politicians, not by the people, and since it was not the kind the people wanted, it was voted down. In this plebiscite, the nature of how the definition of ‘marriage’ will be changed is left unclear. Presumably it will be decided by ‘The Government’ if and when the plebiscite votes ‘Yes’. But there is no assurance that the nature of the changes the Government decides will reflect what the people want it to be. Since the Coalition is trumpeting the virtue of ‘What the people want’, why are they leaving the nature of the changes they plan, to be decided by themselves at a later date?

Robert Liddy | 14 September 2016  

The satirical cartoon is just that - satire with an heavy dose of superficial stereotyping. Sadly, It misrepresents the depth of our polity's political problem. It might even read as an endorsement of the misrepresentations of twittered politicking and superficial wedging journalism that live off putting words into the mouth of political opponents. Yes the cartoon is right to draw attention to our polity's political confusion and its unyielding commitment to the "pragmatic principle" of "individual choice". But that unyielding commitment is also basic to the "Marriage Equality" case. A plebiscite is only going to be an endorsement and confirmation of that view now satirised by ES's cartoonist, and the plebiscite and whatever parliamentary legislation afterwards is never going to resolve that.

Bruce Wearne | 14 September 2016  

Nicely put, Fiona. As usual!

Bill Venables | 14 September 2016  

Fiona, thank you for your incisive commentaries. Each of your cartoons encapsulates the inanity of some of the political positions thrust upon us. You do not have to exaggerate--you simply see through to the heart of what is being promulgated. Thank you!

Rose Marie Crowe | 15 September 2016  

Precisely Robert, in the event of the plebiscite been carried, the proposed wording of the question provides too much wriggle-room for the coalition to present a draft bill to amend the Marriage Act which will provoke as much opposition as the plebiscite itself. The coalition will then throw its hands up and say that it tried but that Labor and the cross-benchers subverted it all. The hard right in the coalition will never allow marriage equality to happen no matter what the result of the plebiscite. No matter what Turnbull offers, he is unable to deliver.

Ginger Meggs | 16 September 2016  


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