What is forever

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What is forever
The earth and its mortal crust
Like our own skin
Covers something
Which at one point
Was not
And in some distant point
Far beyond this evening
Will no longer be

The neon beckons from within the dusk
____Blue electric
It alone refuses to be wrapped within
The mauve of evening
The rest of us are engulfed by
The approaching night

What is forever?
— Sitting on the dry grass with
Bare feet as the night settles itself? —

Colours shift and
Shadows settle. The shaking ceases
Breathing in
The realm of the verifiable.
–Cecilia Condon

The dandelions are generous,
offering their abundance to the eye.
The dark green lacework of root and leaf,
the flat open faces of their footholds
in my narrow garden,
mark it now from end to end.
At first, there were only a few,
but year by year, these solitaries sent out
seedlings, and the numbers grew.
Others would remove them — poison
or a brutal grubbing out by the roots;
but the dandelions are generous,
so we live in fellowship, the weeds and I.
I allow myself to be surprised, each month,
by their golden glory, the slender arms
reached upwards to a loving sun.
Soon, the mower comes, with his machine intent,
and sickles through this joyful harvest,
dropping the glowing haloes on the ground.
Yet the dandelions are generous, forgiving me
such desecration. In this garden,
we are companions, the weeds and I.
The roots run deep in the sleeping soil,
feeding the stalky uprights of greened lives.
The sun, as always, will come to welcome them,
watching them fall and rise, to fall and rise again.
This is all we know, the weeds and I,
opening our small clenched souls
to the waiting sky.
–R. Nugent

Something in me knew
the common ground they walked on
the tilt and shake from overload
the rocking singularity
lost in some transfixing glow
brought home by a steady voice
making patterns in the air
staring into middle space
diamonds polished in the sun
life played to a steady rhythm
no world beyond this now.
–Rob Donnelly 

Cecilia CondonCecilia Condon is a Melbourne based writer and actor. She works as a development assistant for a Melbourne based television and film production company and is currently completing the Professional Writing and Editing course at RMIT. 

Rob DonnellyRob Donnelly is a Sydney based freelance writer. He is currently working on a collection of poems with a view to publication in the near future. 

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I so much appreciated R. Nugent's poem 'dandelions'. I have often felt bemused that dandelions - and others like them - are labelled 'weeds' when they are as much a part of creation as the most cherished rose - and as beautiful! Thank you.

Pamela Briggs | 29 September 2010  

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