Why people don’t read modern poetry



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(Why people don't read modern poetry)

Maybe because

                      line drops and see here
these tics
of gratuitous style insert some random

Latinate bon mots so the uncouths
            will stumble and then continue

            when they are down and fogged up
With a [   ] pair of [   ] because it's [   ] [ ]

          What about compoundnounsthatrunlike this
Something here about the glory of native bush even tho
      you have never been beyond zone 3 on PT

Add doleful '....' Beckettian misery here
   (Phew, your 20th century Lit Minor was not a waste!)

So winning so woke you never even zzz

              Rhymes r for babies, you gotta put your ass - on - ance

Continue to fill up the page just

        Break                 it                                   up


                                               More is                      More   is         More

             Now work in a simile like a metaphor
                                 boa constricting
                                                   a riddle

               @&%%# looks good doesn't it?

— Thuy On




Spelling B minus

Therefore I, a person of reasonably bred Letters
would be keen to participate on a probationary panel,
As a respected nobody, if I were prudently asked,
and comment on the processes of digital spelling
of words which scroll across screens, large and small,
in Digitalopia, when moving fast is never fast enough,
when prose shifts like windblown desert sands, bringing
bad editing, according to the sirens of English prose
and bad spelling, according to the Macquarie dictionary.
Though the message is gained, the meaning is lost for,
'an ederdly pesedstrian was kiled while walkin his dog'.
It could be that the distraught editor went missing,
On account of the pedestrian being her dear father,
And there was none competent to take her place.
Otherwise, it is a matter of why the gent who died
Be given the dignity of his tragic circumstance,
And the off spelling in the message be made right,
Before it is broadcasted for all the world to see.

— Francis Bede

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Existing comments

Wonder why?!
Marjorie Edwards | 20 August 2019

Only one word: nous (or four).
Pam | 20 August 2019

A small poem in regards to spelling mistakes and other mistakes titled: Found. We run aways to sometimes find what we have overlooked and left behind. In my biology classes I think I remember the prof saying during the replication of RNA there are always mistakes occurring. These mistakes are ultimately what makes each human being a new creation, different from any other of the now currently 7 and a half, or so billion humans in the world. Embrace imperfections. I say. We are human. Not machines. Barbie and Ken? Plastic. Plastic is a problem. Not grammer. Do you remember the language the spaceship spoke in in CEOTTK? Bip bip bip...
AO | 20 August 2019

Why? Its obvious surely.
modern philistine | 20 August 2019


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