Writing, Zhuhai and more


I’m fashioning

a poem

to the page

with bent buckle
of iron thoughts

and cold quartered
steel emotions

with racks of cloth
and freedom string

not in a glass bottle
on a desk but in

Hell’s rhythm at sea.

Tim Collins


over the wire and the water
big sister, da lu
China proper
more real than the past
(our privilege here)
though we, excused in law and language
have our part too
to brighten the day

Macao 2003

Christopher Kelen

physically fit but depressed

although performing exercises
of a ritual diet of care
i’m merely titular head
of a body possessed by forces
sending intimate armies
to win without me knowing
savage interior battles
and a mind subverted easily
by that sombre knowing rebel
who occupies my wit’s end
and shadows me with sadness

geoff baker


Who’s got it
Who wants it
It’s everywhere
While incredibly rare
It can be developed
But it’s a big
Investment and once
You’ve got it, you
Might be past it

B.W. Shearer

Poem In Four Lines

All I wrought in reckless ceaseless deed or thought or
Love to work the damage and diminishment of love,
Ashen I with slakeless fevered longing would make

Garth Greenwell

Same Crow?

A long way from anywhere.
When I’m there. When I’m here.

The same crow flew ten thousand
miles? The same crow blocked

the songbirds’ trills? It doesn’t worry
me in itself: I love the crow’s caw.

I do get lonely. But I eat and sleep.
I read other people’s poems.

John Kinsella



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