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Introducing: 40 Days with Eureka Street

Looking for something to nourish the mind and spirit this Lent?

Eureka Street, published by Jesuit Communications, is offering 40 days of Eureka Street Plus free for all new subscribers. From now until Easter, new subscribers will get free trial access to all the site’s paywalled content including long essays, interviews, book reviews, editorials and the site’s extensive archives, all free for 40 days. 

As part of this Lenten journey, Eureka Street is bringing subscribers a weekly reflection on a theme, followed by selected reading list from our archives to help readers reflect more deeply throughout the week. Read them all at once, or space them out over each day of Lent. 

The first reflection is from Andrew Hamilton SJ, and explores the theme of ‘Humility’ and what it means to be grounded in a particular place and perspective.

He writes, ‘In Christian devotion Lent is a time of focus on what is involved in following Jesus and so on asking what matters and on commitment. It is a time of grounding, on awareness of the ground and ash on which we stand, of focus on what is important. That being grounded underlies the idea of humility, of being earthed with one’s bare feet on the soil.’

Accompanying the article are a range of reflections that bring together some of the most insightful Eureka Street articles from when the publication first went online in 2006 to today.

If you’ve wanted to explore behind the Eureka Street Plus paywall and haven’t yet, this is your opportunity.

Eureka Street Plus was launched nearly two years ago, offering the opportunity for subscribers to access articles that offer deeper explorations of the issues of the day. The 40 Days journey aims to help subscribers explore the richness that’s waiting to be discovered.

Sign up for Eureka Street today to access this special Lenten offer and join the 40 Days journey. 
Please see the subscription page for terms and conditions.  


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