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King of sand


Selected poems



The merger

This Corporation turned into a cult

when Gordon Gekko wed Veruca Salt.



Final year assembly

The children gather in the gym

to hear the last goodbye,

and through the skylight high above

they glimpse the summer sky.



The cowboy surfer

They loathed him to the core

because he wore

            an Akubra

            in Maroubra.



Tears of a robot

Struggling with a shovel –

unexpected toil:


burying my maker –

            tears spill into soil.



Blind boy dreaming

A clique of corporate men

prepare to raid the earth again.


Despite their schemes,

the blind boy of the village dreams.



King of Sand

Where the highway of man

            and the desert intersects

there’s a dude on a cross

            with a crown of spinifex

who’s dying in the stifling heat.

A mulga lurks below his feet,

then slides across the sand alone,

condemned to rule a desert throne.




Damian Balassone is the author of three volumes of poetry, including the forthcoming collection of short poems and epigrams Love is a Weird Cat.

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