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The Dinner Guest



Selected poems



The Dinner Guest

The rhetoric of elites

sets off his built-in shit detector.

He much prefers to eat

with hookers, drunks and tax collectors.



The Fall of Nebuchadnezzar

He once was king of Babylon…but now

he’s drenched in dew and frolics like a cow.



Advice from Jonah

‘If God is calling and you bail,

you might end up inside a whale.’



Shepherd’s Lament

‘I left my farm.  I gave up everything

to strum my harp before an angry king.’



A Roman’s Epiphany

Why is there darkness?

            Where is the sun?

You feel the thunder.

            What’s done is done.

The veil of the temple

            is torn asunder;

a Roman centurion

            is filled with wonder.




Damian Balassone is the author of three volumes of poetry, including the forthcoming collection of short poems and epigrams Love is a Weird Cat.

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Existing comments

Stupendously stylish poems, Damian. I love The Dinner Guest.

Pam | 11 April 2024  
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Thanks you so much for your kind feedback, Pam.

Damian | 13 April 2024  

Depth of scriptural allusion - both Old and New Testament - enhanced by structural economy, deft control of rhyme and rhythm, and relevance of detail, Damian. Thank you.

John RD | 12 April 2024  
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Thank you, John RD. I greatly appreciate your encouragement.

Damian | 13 April 2024  

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