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Neve MahoneyNeve Mahoney was a student at RMIT university and is now a Eureka Street columnist and editor. She has also contributed to Australian Catholics and The Big Issue.

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Hi Neve - great to see you taking the reins as Guest Editor for the next couple of weeks. Enjoy the experience!
Jen Levett | 12 November 2018

Neve, I feel so sad, with your personal experiences. I have never had the honour of meeting you and have read your thoughtful, well written articles in this paper. If you had not told me of your sexual preference, I would never have known. I am the mother of a large family and frequently get flack from ;people because of my selfishness to have so many children who are polluting the atmosphere and other judgments made loudly and may I say ignorantly. I pray that you will be able to protect your self and keep writing such thoughtful, provocative articles.
Gabrielle | 15 February 2020


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